Friday, 5 November 2010

on accessorize make-up: blusher review

Accessorize, known more for their quirky bags and affordable jewellery have recently launched a make-up line, available in their stores and Superdrug. The range is divided in to different looks - Rock Star, With Love, Exotic Brights, Illusion and Je T'aime - designed to suit different looks. What I found most attractive about the range is how affordable it is, and found myself instantly drawn to the blushers, particularly "Diva."The merged bake blushers are gorgeous, reminiscent of MAC's mineralize blushers. Diva is very wearable, it's quite pink but not too bright. It has this rosy apple quality and has really good staying powder. It has a very even application, and for £5, well I couldn't go wrong. Truth be told, I'd be looking for a colour this perfect this ages, and MAC prices are just out of my range at the moment, so this new line of Accessorize make up came along just at the right time. For me the blushers definitely stand out in the line, and I'm sure I'll go back for "Pretty Pink" (it was sold out last time I was in) but for now I'm just glad I've found such a perfect shade. My only qualm about this blusher is the packaging. It's the butterflies. Not wanting to be a buzzkill, but I frigging hate butterflies. I think it makes the packaging look a bit twee and a touch cheap. Other wise, we've got a product pretty close to perfection.


  1. It really does look like Mineralize!

  2. Love the colour and it's really cheap! Looking forward to trying some of this range! xx

  3. will defo need to look out for this when im next in town! aw Im glad you enjoyed the fireworks too :) is it sad I knew all the words to the abba songs? I was pretty ashamed of myself to be honest... haha. did you go last year? im pretty sure it had another themed songs thing going on but I cant remember what! hope you have a braw wee weekend whatever youre upto miss :) xx

  4. Got myself some of the shimmery eyeshadow/eyeliner palates, great value for £4 or £5! The lipstick colours are lush too, lots of bright poppy reds and orange toned pinks. Wonder what the nail polishes are like, they look exciting too xx


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