Monday, 29 November 2010

on the cyclops apprentice

I've featured Gabriella Marina Gonzalez's work on here the form of her A/W 2010 Collection "Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery." Well, she's back with her S/S 2011 collection "The Cyclops Apprentice"- and it's wonderful. Once more fetish and bondage are dominant influences in Gonzalez's designs, featuring sky-high platforms, leather masks and harnesses. Not your every day S/S line? While I'm not going to be rushing out to get myself a leather mask a la Enid in Ghost World...there are pieces in this collection that I find my heart skipping a beat for. The leather harness bag in black and gold has pretty much won me well as the body harness. I swear wearing something like that would make me feel like an extra in Firefly. In a good way.
The collection is dark and surreal and just all round brilliant. Maybe not the most wearable, but sometimes I just want an element of fantasy to my long delayed hello to my new followers, nearly at 100 so have a nice wee giveaway planned before the year is out.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

on the perfect mascara

I believe my search for the perfect mascara may finally be over. It's been a long and arduous journey but you know what? I think I've got there. The first time I tried this mascara I knew it was love, but I held off. Gave it a few weeks and I have to say this bad boy did not disappoint.
Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara is the perfect mascara.
The mascara itself nourishes and extends the lashes (see: makes them look big as) without clumping together. The brush is a nice size making application easy. It's just...a very very good mascara that makes my lashes look thicker and longer....far superior to Benifit's Bad Gal and clocking in at roughly the same price range. 18 of your British. I've found that it stays on really well (no flaking, no smudging) and is pretty easy to take off at the end of the night...even when I'm using face wipes (boohiss.) I've long championed cheaper mascaras as being able to give you some sweet lashes, but really this is the best mascara I've tried to date and suspect it will be becoming a staple of the make up box. I've nearly finished my wee sample sized guy, so it will be off to Boots with me, advantage card in hand to get this bad boy.
Being the mascara slut that I am though...I'm always open to trying new uh-mazing mascaras...recommendations?

Saturday, 27 November 2010

on something you need in your life

There are few things I can't recommend highly enough...and The Thief and The Cobbler Recobbled Edition is one of them. Over 30 years in the making The Thief and The Cobbler has some of the most stunning animation I have ever seen put to film. Better than Studio Ghibli? At points most certainly yes. For the most part the film is silent, the story being told through visuals and music more than character dialogue and it's just gorgeous. It plays with perspectives, and I suppose the style of animation is not to everyones palette...but me? I was blown away. What I find heartbreaking about the film is that the Recobbled edition is basically how the film should have been, mixing finished animation and storyboards to tell a complete the story. Unfortunately The Thief and The Cobbler was an independently funded film and suffered as a result, eventually being bought over by The Completion Bond Company to finish the film. The one that was released on home video butchered the story, adding some really awful musical numbers and...*shudder* inner monologues. The Recobbled edition however tells a beautiful story that is not only beautiful but funny and charming and at times more than a little bit dark.

I don't want to give too much away but it follows a classic fairytale/fable format and we have Vincent Price as our antagonist Zig Zag who only speaks in rhyme....obviously. The story is sweet and while isn't exactly groundbreaking you really want to watch this for the animation. With the likes of Richard Williams, Art Babbit, Ken Harris, Emery Hawkins and Grim Natwick (heavy weights of the golden age of animation) working on it you know it's going to be good.

The whole thing is on youtube....just give The Thief and The Cobbler Recobbled Edition and you'll find it. I'm pretty much in love.


Friday, 26 November 2010

on chiho aoshima

I first came across Chiho Aoshima in Drop Dead Cute, a book that showcased the work of ten cutting edge female Japanese artists. Aoshima is a part of the Kaikai Kiki co, an artists collective funded by Takashi Murakami. Her work is characterised by her use of demons,ghosts and zombies and bright colours. They're delightfully dark and the characters in her work endearing. It's the details that really get me, like skulls in the roots of a tree bunnies hopping out a girls mouth. Whenever I see her stuff I'm always heavily cheered up.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

on flesh and bone - the lookbook

So those of you guys who follow me on twitter will already have seen it...but be still my beating heart, Obscure Couture have finally released their lookbook for their debut collection Flesh & Bone. Needless to say I am all kinds of excited about this, not only because the photos are beautiful (and they are) but Obscure Couture happen to be a personal favourite. Marketed as "street/stagewear for the introverted extrovert" the pieces aren't everyday wear, but it doesn't stop them from being a whole lot of special. I love the mix of fabrics (knit and leather and lace,well hello) and while I'm not crazy for orange, I can totally get on board with the colour palette here. It's unusual and kitch and with gold and pink and everything else, it just really works. The jewellery is astounding...but it really is the jackets that stand out for me. The "anar-cardi" with pearl beading? Something for the Christmas wishlist ladies?
Either way you should definitely check out the lookbook because it's fucking astounding and at the very least their website....a lesson in web design my friends. Just saying.

"We don't follow the trend book, we follow our instincts."- Obscure Couture Philosophy

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

on nicki minaj X mac

You should probably know there are few women that I appreciate as much as Nicki Minaj. Everything I see her in she's just the perfect mix of fierce,adorable and just plain bat shit crazy. This is why I'm disgracefully excited about her collaboration with MAC on the trashiest pink lipstick in the world- Pink 4 Friday.

Available online...only on Friday's from November 26th (that's this Friday folks)...Pink 4 Friday is to celebrate the launch of Nicki's debut album Pink Friday. The pretty much perfection. It's a satin finish and is a bluish pink. It's possibly the most garish thing I've ever see and I am so in love with it. It's total barbie girl pink...very blue, very bright and very difficult to wear I'd imagine...however that's not going to stop me from getting one of these bad boys. It'll only be available for 4 Friday's so be quick ladies.

"They know I'm a beast, yeah I'm fucking savage"
Yes you are favourite human.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

on favourite things

So a couple of my favourite blogging ladies cowbisuits and Baroque Boudoir have done this favourite things post, so thought I'd give it a go and give you guys a little creep in to the things I most enjoy. Here my dears, are my 10 favourite things.

1: Miles AldridgeMiles Aldridge is without a doubt my favourite photographer ever. There is something about his photography that just connects to me. Everything is just so cinematic and hyper-real, strange and beautiful and wonderful. I have yet to see a shoot my Aldridge I do not love. I swear to God I could look at his work all day. If you're not overly familiar with his work...I strongly recommend you acquaint yourself with it, I promise you will love it.

2: particularlyY the Last Man. I swear to God I cried my face of at the last issue. Once upon a time I used to work in Forbidden Planet and I swear to God the staff discount pretty much changed my life. I was already hooked on Fables and Sandman (because as we all know, Neil Gaimen is glorious)....but the one graphic novel that really got Y the Last Man. What I love about comics is that they allow so much more room to develop a character than a film, and Y the Last Man just had some of the best characters ever. It was all so very human and wonderful and very very beautiful.

3: Doctor Who
This particular love of my is pretty well documented. I'm off to the boys for Christmas this year and I've made it known that I will be watching the Doctor Who Christmas hook or by crook. I've always been a bit of a geek...but Doctor Who appeals to the romantic in (not in the love sense....although Doomsday may have destroyed me a little bit)...but just monsters and aliens and galaxies being torn apart in the sky. The stories are brilliant and I love the variety the show offers. Pretty much standard viewing in the Stuart household.

4: Events Management
photo credit Grant Alexander McDonald
It's what I'm studying and I've been lucky enough to put on a couple of my own successful events and quite frankly I can't imagine ever doing anything else. The hours are insane but I honestly have fallen in love with it. I've met some of the most passionate and hard working people through events and it's just...all sorts of brilliant. I love being able to work toward something tangible and see it all come together. What really interests me is the idea of transforming spaces and uses unusual venues for unique events. I want to make the kind of events I'd like to go to....all a matter of funding though eh? ;)

5: Nail polish but especially Barry M
It's a rare thing indeed to see me without nail polish, and while recently I've been dabbling with Topshop's own make...Barry M still wins out. It's cheap and has a nicer formula than more expensive brands (I'm looking at you NailsInc.) I've never had a problem with a Barry M polish and some of the shades are absolutely brilliant.

6: Tom WaitsHere is a man who has never looked young and who I will never tire of. Tom Waits...pretty much my favourite musician ever and for also the origins of this blogs name. Everything this guy does is golden. Funny,talented...and just an all round legend. Bone Machine remains to be one of my favourite albums of all time.

7: Drag Queens and Drag Kings....but especially RuPaul
Utterly shameless, always fabulous and very much the fiercest bitch in town, RuPaul is my favourite. Drag Race and Drag U never fail to cheer me up.

8: DariaNa na na na na. Yeah. Very very few things I enjoy more than Daria.

9. Betsey JohnsonBefore I even fully acknowledged I liked fashion I love Betsey. She's my first designer love and as much as my tastes change I always have room in my heart for her.

10: Kurt Vonnegut....among othersI love reading. I've fallen out of the habit recently but with a Christmas reading list prepared I'm ready to fall back in love (not that I ever fell out...but you understand.) My favourite author ever is Kurt Vonnegut Jr and I don't think there is anything he's put to paper that I haven't adored. Very witty and just plain brilliant. The way he uses language is magnificent. Your gateway drug to Vonnegut I'd say is Welcome to The Monkeyhouse...some of the best short stories ever.

By the by my Christmas reading list for those who care: Margaret Atwood - Year of the Flood, Phillip K Dick - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and John Ajvide Lindqvist - Let Me In.

Anyway...let us know what your favourite things are yes?

Monday, 22 November 2010

on one year of the boy

Dress - BCBG £33 (in TK Maxx) Shoes - Carvella - £25 - again a TKTK number. Gold Chain- standard jewellery collection, tights.....standard 80d plus from Primark

So Saturday was the boy and I's year anniversary. He brought me yellow roses, took me to Rogano and then we came home, cuddled up and watched some Nostalgia Critic. The picture was taken after we got I've got a touch of a banana daiquiri haze going on.
It's been a lovely year with the boy....teaching him how to cook...him attempting to teach me how to play guitar, swapping movies, music and all sorts. Anyway, needless to say I'm very fond of him (love him actually if we're going to be specific) yeah, here's to another year- chin chin.

Here is one of our favourite Nostalgia Chick videos for you to enjoy.....anyone else remember Thumbelina?


Sunday, 21 November 2010

on an outfit post

So today was spent down at Make It Glasgow drinking lots of tea and helping out the lovely Evita on a shoot for an upcoming wee fashion event in Glasgow in December. It's all in the planning stages just now, and I'm very flattered Evita's asked me to come on board and lend a hand - it's really nice to see how other people work and the creative process behind different events. So anyway today was just a bit of styling some pieces from some different independent designers - some shots for a magazine as well as for the flyer. Among all the tea drinking and playing with clothes I put this guy together (I fell in love with the velvety tapered trousers) and ended up kicking about in it for a while....mostly feeding models marshmallows, sorting clothes out and making notes out for next time. The trousers are possibly the comfiest thinks I've ever had on in my life....cropped top, maybe not for Glasgow Winter though eh?
Another day of photos to go though and really excited to see the finished product.

PS: The wedge boots are Primark, £18...and they go with everything. Seriously.

on just throwing this out there

I'm just going to throw this out there....but the styling of Professor Umbridge in the Harry Potter films just keeps getting better and better.

Her office, her cat scarf.....hell even the pink dress with the bows. Now I know it's supposed to be sickeningly twee....and it is, and I still don't think I'll be wearing anything in pink in a hurry, but there is something about it that appeals to me.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

on galaxy prints - christopher kane 2011

I feel this needs to be here.
Christopher Kane's resort 2011 collection.
It's no secret I'm fond of a cheeky wee galaxy print. I've never really been crazy for Kane...but this collection - my heart is a flutter. It's pretty much perfect. Everyone enjoys this as much as I do right?

via Fur Coat no Knickers

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

on proudrade: modern romance

The last week seems to have been over taken with events coverage (my own and the fantastic Menergy Vogue Ball) what better to return to form than with the splendid Proudrace's Holiday Collection "Modern Romance." Inspired my 90's minimalism, citing gothic girls and grunge boys as their muse, the unisex clothing in red and black monochrome has my heart a fluttering. A mixture of sheer and leather - biker jackets, asymmetrical zips....everything looks so textured and I love the different lengths of the pieces. Everything is just ripe for the layering and I can see any of these pieces seamlessly slipping in to my wardrobe and become staples of my day to day life.
Most perfect collection ever? I think so.
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