Thursday, 7 October 2010

on a whole mess of elizabeth arden goods

So I guess I'm a little bit overwhelmed and more than just a little bit pleased. I went looking for a sweet cleanser today....stopped at the Elizabeth Arden Counter and got a WHOLE mess of stuff for 43 squid. HIYAS.

Basically this Beauty Box is usually 25 squid when you spend over 50. The woman and I got talking, next thing I know......its 25 quid without having to buy anything else.....well hello deal of a lifetime.

Inside I got
  • Deluxe compact with two pull-out color palettes: Warm palette (six eyeshadows in Olive Pearl, Sand Dollar, Teak, Golden Sun, Lagoon, and Party, plus cheek colour in Sunblush and Shimmer Powder in Golden Beige Shimmer) and Cool palette (six eyeshadows in Plumsmoke, Oyster, Berry Pink, Iridescent Lilac, Beechnut, and Baby Blue, plus cheek colour in Pink Glow and Shimmer Powder in Rose Shimmer
  • Three Exceptional Lipsticks in Pink Punch, Coraline, and Autumn
  • Two High Shine Lip Glosses in Honey Glaze and Shimmer Pink
  • Lip Pencil in Taupe
  • Eye Pencil In Smoky Black
  • Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara in Black
  • Crystal Clear Lip Gloss
  • All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
  • Three makeup brushes
  • A beautiful pink keepsake container
I also got this guy for free with it
I was all kinds of excited about this.....
  • Eyeshadow Palette - Smoke,Sparkle,Moonbeam and Twilight
  • 50ml purifying cream cleanser
  • 15ml Ceramide Plump Perfect (I've used this before thanks to Lynne, it's incredible.
  • Prebage anti-aging serum
  • Mini bottle of Red Door perfume.
  • And a really awesome bag for it all. The lining inside is red. PERFECT
I got myself a lipstick primer as well for 18 squid....namely cause I use lipstick more than anything in the world SO I ended up getting more free stuff.

So yeah.....
  • Lip Fix Primer - 18 of my British
  • 8 hour cream 30ml (free)
  • 8 hour hand treatment 30ml (free)
So yeah what a haul. 43 quid and I seem to own the world.
I'll review the products as I go along....I'm actually quite excited about this. Anyway I don't know how long this deal will be on for, but I scored mine at Boots in Buchanan Galleries. I'd say it's worth getting on board with.


  1. Scoreee, so many goodies for £43! I actually really like Elizabeth Arden products, their lipsticks are amaze! xxx

  2. I'm so pleased. I've used the plumper before and it was incredible, I can't beleive I got so many full sized products for so cheap. I'm not crazy about eyeshadow palettes usually but they come in this really sweet red door casing, so it's deff worth a shot. xx

  3. wow that is a whole lot of goodies! cant wait to read the reviews on these products! :) x

  4. this is a years supply of beauty goods right here. I've never used EA before (mainly cus i work with the perfume and Red Door makes me gag) BUT i've heard great things about the beauty products, my old manager used to be a rep for them and told me about how they are miracle workers. Definitely post some reviews ! xx

  5. Holy cow that it insanely awesome. I cannot BELIEVE how much stuff is in there. I'm loving the look of the eyeshadow pallette. Perfection.

    Yeeeeeeahh... not been to the dentist in about 2/3 years so god knows what I'll be faced with. I'm addicted to Red Bull and Diet Coke so I'm sure there will be a filling or two (or three or four) thrown in there. JOYS.

    Needing a trip through to Glasgow asap especially to check out GMBH (ridiiiiiculously in need of some new publications). Gonna pop into Tatty Bon too! I've been neglecting vintage goods of late. Boooo.


  6. WoooooHoooo!!
    What a great haul. I bet you were grinning from ear to ear on the way home. Let us know how you get with everything when you've had a chnace to use it all x

  7. you lucky thing! see, it pays to be nice to shop assistants ;)

  8. Haha I bet your felt totally epic leaving Frasers with this massive loot! I would have started running for the doors, just incase they'd made a mistake and I had to give some of it back :p

    Your comment on my last post made me laugh so much! Especially the "wankywank Malificents fantasy element is awesome wankwank" hahaaaa :) I have not seen the Lulu Guinness Cat Bag but I will DEFO keep my eyes peeled next time I'm in!

    Here, come christmas time if you want some free tickets for the citz very non panto-esque 'christmas show' as they like to call it, let me know and I'll hook you up! ;) I have never tried brewhaha's high tea... Didnt even know they did one! Duhh, woe me. I have had one at fifi and allys in princess square for £12 which was very stuck up indeed. Gotta love it :p Have a fabby weekend my dear xx


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