Monday, 11 October 2010

on school days.

Old School Blazer - Oxfam, 5 squid, Maroon t-shirt - Topshop, 22 of your British, Camel Skirt - Tatty Bon - 10 pounds, Chunky Heels - Tatty Bon, 15 British, Belt- one pound from Primani,Cat Broach - Charity Shop, Locket - standard.

I've been wearing my blue blazer constantly. I've had it for years and it's one of the things in my wardrobe that always comes back. I'll wear it pretty much all the time for a few weeks and then it will go back to the place jackets live for a few months...but till then it's pretty much my favourite. I'm pretty sure everyone has pieces like that, this guys mine.

So been really busy the past few days. Just seen a copy of the final design for the ITCOW flyer and it's pretty much perfect. Tickets will be going on sale this week and you Glasgow kids should start seeing posters and flyers floating about your favourite haunts soon enough. Seriously though the flyer is incredible.

We've got our team together now though - Volunteer Coordinater, Press and Social Networking Officer and a small army of dressers which is brilliant. Should be doing the model fittings in just a couple of weeks. It really is go and I don't think I would have it any other way. This week however will be all readings and meetings. I'll be in Tatty Bon on Wednesday, so if you feel like dropping by for a chat I'll be the one sobbing in to her laptop. (You think I'm joking.)

I'll be back with a proper update soon enough - just now though I'm pretty obsessed with Illamasqua's gold polish in Victory and my Elizabeth Arden lip plump.

This week I've got a whole mess of work to do, but will be finishing off this week by hopefully seeing Doctor Who Live at the SECC (don't judge.) For those of you Glasgow bound who aren't as much as a creep as me should head to the Obscure Couture Label Launch Night this Friday. They featured in the last ITCOW and the stuff they sent down the catwalk was incredible. Their debut collection Flesh and Bone will be on show for you lucky punters and tickets are free.....but limited.


  1. lookin' good! jealous you have a cat brooch and also people who live in Glasgow xx

  2. Awh, the blazer is fantastic!! xxx

  3. That blazer is amazing, I love it, the cut and length of it is perfect! Your whole outfit is lovely actually, good job :) xxx

  4. that outfit looks so good! I want one of those maroon t-shirts, I'm getting obsessed with maroon lately.

    yeah I get bored of my hair quickly so I only ever had my hair bleached blonde about 5 times but got sick of it after a couple of painful months of trying to get rid of all the brassy tones and spacing out on the fumes. I wish we could have a few realities to live in with different hairstyles.

  5. you've made me want to pull out my primary school blazer now...this maroon, grey and gold thing.
    might not fit though...

  6. That is the perfect old school blazer. I have to get my mitts on one of those!! :)sarahD

  7. lovin the old blaze' look lovely :)xxxx

  8. Fab outfit, I especially like the camel skirt. I'm obsessing over anything camel coloured at the moment - who knew a weird looking, humpbacked animal that's notorious for spitting could inspire such a huge trend?

    Also, I love your "About me" section; good eyebrows = VERY IMPORTANT! x

  9. Love that outfit and looking forward to seeing the ITCOW flyer! Will be heading to the Obscure Couture show on Friday if I can shake this nasty sickness bug - eeurrrgh!!

  10. Eeeek I'm really excited about coming to ITCOW this time round. Missed it last time but heard all good things. I'm at Cali at the moment doin my Masters in multimedia journalism so if you need a hand with anything gimme an email. Planning to write up a wee review of it afterwards. Good luck! Xx


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