Sunday, 24 October 2010

on it drawing ever closer

This week continues to be pretty manic. I'm in Tatty Bon this weekend, sans Internet, which makes readings for a couple of my seminars near impossible (thanks athens) but gives me pretty much the perfect opportunity to work on readings for Event Sustainability and Regeneration (yeah classes are that exciting.) I've got a whole mess of work to do, presentations and essay season is here and it's all a bit overwhelming.

However.....this week has been fantastic. In the Company of Wolves actually finally feels like it's happening. We got our delivery from L'oreal for the goody bags (holy hell)....honestly moving the palette of stuff took forever, and it's just...incredible. They've been so so generous and it's nice to be able to give out something at ITCOW for guests to take away. I'm actually quite jealous of some of the goodies that are going to be in the bag!

Sneaky Peaky
This is about....half of it? Enough for 200 goody bags? I think so!

Also...the flyers and posters were delivered today. They are gorgeous. I need to find the time to go round my favourite shops to put up posters and flyers (I've got a friend flyering Granny Would Be Proud today for me) but gadz they look amazing. I want one of the posters framed for my wall. They look amazing!

Anyway just a quick update. I'm off to visit the cats and open up shops. KISS.

(By the by....hiyas new followers!)


  1. wow, that is a LOT of makeup! :) I always mean to ask, but what are you doing in tatty bon missus? do you work there at the weekend? the flyers look great :) where and when is itcow? I'd really love to come, it sounds awesome! I cant read anything about it because I dont face facebook :( xx

  2. I hope the event is FANTASTIC!!! You've obviously put a lot of sweat and energy into it. Best of luck!! Can't wait to see the photos.


  3. holy hell that is ALOT, any left overs ya know us Devonshire lasses like Loreal!
    I really hope the event goes well it seems like you've worked hard, the flyers look amazing! Anything inspired by Twin Peaks I'm totally down with! xx

  4. Your course sounds a little like mine! Well, knock the 'events' part off that module and I'm studying Sustainability and Regeneration ha. Looks like you're a busy busy bee! jazzy ♥


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