Saturday, 9 October 2010

on being shameless

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The Tatty Bon Trick or Treat Event Page is now live FYI. Now as excited as I am to curl up in my crazy aunt outfit for a Saturday of dreaming I felt that it was my job....nay my duty to keep you guys up to date with the sweet sort of stuff my work puts on.

In November Tatty Bon will start stocking Glasgow's very own Coveted Mag (hurrah) so as a way to celebrate our most favourite of holidays as well as stocking a magazine devoted to Scottish fashion we're having a Halloween Trick or Treat.

Thursday 28th October 5pm-8pm
More treats than can possibly fill all your little bellies will be out as well as free booze again (cherry lambrini anyone?) as well as a few in store treats. For purchases over 10 squid we have some goody bags with tit-bits from the store, a copy of the Coveted Mag and some other surprises, as well as the offer of 10% off all purchases over 10squid when you come in fancy dress.

For me it's really important that we reclaim spaces. When the shutters are down there is this great unused space for events, and what better time to do an in-store event than Halloween? CAN NOT WAIT.

(Also...starting to get all nervous/sick about ITCOW. It's just over a month away)


  1. Iwill defo be there with bells on
    I couldnt make it in on friday there due to sickness :(

  2. I've popped thurs 28th in my diary hen! Sounds awesome :) and I FINALLY worked out where Tatty Bon is! When I was leaving the tron theatre last week :p What is ITCOW? xx

  3. waah I wish we had something this awesome down our way. I currently am DJing a local gig - the local talent here is well....there is no talent just underage kids.


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