Saturday, 30 October 2010

on science fiction double feature

Tonight I saw my best friend's dad in tights. It was something special. My socks are ruined from the rain and my voice is hoarse from calling out (A TOAST!A TOAST!) but god it was so worth it.

If you can't tell I'm meant to be Columbia (a very gothic Columbia, everything but the shorts and the socks from Tatty Bon, shorts are from In the City) and Sophie is working a rather convincing Brad. It's amazing what male underwear and some eyeliner can do.

Friday, 29 October 2010

on my own personal amusement

So yeah............I dressed up as Daria Morgendorffer for the Tatty Bon Trick or Treat. I suspect the Tardis key hanging out my pocket total destroys the illusion, but yeah.

Trick or Treat went well....bought a few things myself (including my goth-at-christmas cardi, an embellished belt..and a treat) as well as getting my tarot cards read. I have to say I spent quite a lot of the night chatting to customers and eating the chewy toffee caramel roses. Nomnomnom. The goody bags went down a storm though (I got a teapot necklace in mine!) and seemed like everyone had a good time (a cauldron of beer will do that to a group of people)..and even had a few folk in fancy dress.

Thanks to those who came to Rocky Horror in Irvine tonight so need to source a costume for that guy. Allons-y.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

on origami jewellery

I've always had a soft spot for origami.....there is just something about it that brings me back to paper fortune tellers in the playground, choose a number, choose a colour, and all that jazz. I'm tried origami before. I couldn't make a fortune teller to save my life, and when it came to making paper cranes for the Tatty Bon window display.....well the less said about the better, but I guess my inability to fold paper for the life of me only draws me in more. I mean designers have been referencing origami in their designs for ages, a pleat there, a fold here - can completely transform a collection.

So with origami on the brain, I find myself creeping on the internet, stumbling across french designers Claire & Arnaud's Origami Jewellery. Inspired by origami they've produced some of the sweetest jewellery I ever did see.
The site is entirely in french, and my french is rusty at best...(I can tell you there is a cat under the table and the weather, that's about it)...but that doesn't stop me from swooning like an utter creep at the designs they have to offer. Silver,gold and gun metal? Perfect. I'm torn between what pieces I love the most. Anything gold catches my eye...especially this little lion, but the almost black metal Pegasus is pretty much perfect and really appeals to the total fantasist in me. With wolves and dinosaurs, bunnies, swans and cranes..there is pretty much something for everyone. Prices start at round 89€ and can be bought online at Linea-Chic.

I'm now off to nurse myself better with tea and begin the inevitable essaygeddon. Wish me luck.

EDIT: Forgot to say....Tatty Bon's Trick or Treat is tomorrow. 5pm-8pm, free entry, free booze,free sweets. 10% off if you're in fancy dress, spend over £10 and you get a goody bag. Should be a blast.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

on it drawing ever closer

This week continues to be pretty manic. I'm in Tatty Bon this weekend, sans Internet, which makes readings for a couple of my seminars near impossible (thanks athens) but gives me pretty much the perfect opportunity to work on readings for Event Sustainability and Regeneration (yeah classes are that exciting.) I've got a whole mess of work to do, presentations and essay season is here and it's all a bit overwhelming.

However.....this week has been fantastic. In the Company of Wolves actually finally feels like it's happening. We got our delivery from L'oreal for the goody bags (holy hell)....honestly moving the palette of stuff took forever, and it's just...incredible. They've been so so generous and it's nice to be able to give out something at ITCOW for guests to take away. I'm actually quite jealous of some of the goodies that are going to be in the bag!

Sneaky Peaky
This is about....half of it? Enough for 200 goody bags? I think so!

Also...the flyers and posters were delivered today. They are gorgeous. I need to find the time to go round my favourite shops to put up posters and flyers (I've got a friend flyering Granny Would Be Proud today for me) but gadz they look amazing. I want one of the posters framed for my wall. They look amazing!

Anyway just a quick update. I'm off to visit the cats and open up shops. KISS.

(By the by....hiyas new followers!)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

on what mischief i've missed

Jeez, it's been ages hasn't it? The past week has been a bit manic. So I guess to ease myself in I thought would do a wee round up of things I've kind of missed the past week.

  • Bulleted ListLast Friday Glasgow based Obscure Couture launched their debut collection Flesh and Bone...and their hot as hell website it now live. I missed it (Doctor Who was utterly brilliant btw)...but Style Scanner has got it covered better than I ever could.
  • The first look for Lanvin for H&M is kicking around the Internet....and it's pure Lanvin. The full preview of the collection won't hit the net till 2nd of November with the collection to hit stores on the 23rd. Either way...the older dame in the back...she is my pretty much my icon. via fashionologie
  • Willow Smith continues to be a far better human than I ever could be. A 9 year old who dresses better than I ever will? Pretty much. Man I found a letter from Claire of the past to Claire of the future and at 12....I thought I was going to be either a lawyer,doctor or fashion designer and was in to witchcraft, sailor moon and my watch that could go 50m under water. Case and point.
  • I'll be picking up the flyers for In the Company of Wolves before the week is out. FINALLY. Expect me to be spamming your favourite shops with flyers and posters real soon. Here be where you get tickets.
  • ITCOW is teaming up with Bold Souls - on the 4th of November at GX Studios between 4pm and 9pm Bold Souls will be hosting a preview with some of the designers involved in this years ITCOW. A chance to buy some clothes straight from the designers as well as getting a wee restyle.
  • Here is a cat. Dressed as a banana split. Eating a banana. THIS my friends is perfect.
Other than those guys, I've been busy with uni work mostly, a few ITCOW things (got the model fittings next Monday) and a few other bits and you know helping my dad pack up my teenhood home. It was weird, because I guess I was meant to feel something about the family home being sold and my parents going their separate ways, but for the most part I feel very disassociated from the whole thing. It wasn't something I hadn't seen coming, and I guess having been out the house for as long as I have allows me a certain distance from the whole thing. It's still odd though.

I'm in Tatty Bon all this weekend, so I'm hoping if I make enough notes I'll be able to finish this essay. I'm also excited because when Lynne returns from Manchester she will have loads of new stock. Just in time for Tatty Bon's Trick or Treat.

I'll be back with product reviews and other nonsense soon....I'm expecting I'll be posting some sort of ridiculous pictures...what with Claudia Nova's Black Mass birthday coming up as well as a few cheeky previews for ITCOW sneaking on to the net.

Friday, 15 October 2010

on "In the Company of Wolves"

So the facebook event page for the next In the Company of Wolves went live this morning, which is brilliant as the tickets officially went on sale yesterday. I'm about 11 types of pleased with the poster and know the next few weeks are going to be killer, but from here on out I'm going to be a heady mix of terror, glee and good old fashioned excitement.

Tickets available at

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

on a Margot Tenenbaum Halloween Costume

Margot Tenenbaum Halloween Costume
Margot Tenenbaum Halloween Costume by beewaits
Alice by Temperley Striped Dress-, Faux Fur Jacket - Topshop,
Miu Miu Black Patent Loafers,
Hermès Kelly Bag, Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner

I've never done one of these Polyvore guys before, but it's Halloween and this seems as good a time as any. Was in the shop all day today...mostly eating Halloween biscuits and making jokes about how I'm a bit of a creep. However I did manage to put together a make-shift Margot Tenenbaum costume for my flatmate when she popped in after work. It might not be the Miu Miu and Hermès costume of dreams, but it's not too far off that guy up there. All we'll need now is a couple of plastic hair clips from Claire's and she's sorted.

Pretty sure Margot Tenenbaum is pretty much one of my all time style icons in films. Any favourite fictional characters you turn to for style inspo?


Monday, 11 October 2010

on school days.

Old School Blazer - Oxfam, 5 squid, Maroon t-shirt - Topshop, 22 of your British, Camel Skirt - Tatty Bon - 10 pounds, Chunky Heels - Tatty Bon, 15 British, Belt- one pound from Primani,Cat Broach - Charity Shop, Locket - standard.

I've been wearing my blue blazer constantly. I've had it for years and it's one of the things in my wardrobe that always comes back. I'll wear it pretty much all the time for a few weeks and then it will go back to the place jackets live for a few months...but till then it's pretty much my favourite. I'm pretty sure everyone has pieces like that, this guys mine.

So been really busy the past few days. Just seen a copy of the final design for the ITCOW flyer and it's pretty much perfect. Tickets will be going on sale this week and you Glasgow kids should start seeing posters and flyers floating about your favourite haunts soon enough. Seriously though the flyer is incredible.

We've got our team together now though - Volunteer Coordinater, Press and Social Networking Officer and a small army of dressers which is brilliant. Should be doing the model fittings in just a couple of weeks. It really is go and I don't think I would have it any other way. This week however will be all readings and meetings. I'll be in Tatty Bon on Wednesday, so if you feel like dropping by for a chat I'll be the one sobbing in to her laptop. (You think I'm joking.)

I'll be back with a proper update soon enough - just now though I'm pretty obsessed with Illamasqua's gold polish in Victory and my Elizabeth Arden lip plump.

This week I've got a whole mess of work to do, but will be finishing off this week by hopefully seeing Doctor Who Live at the SECC (don't judge.) For those of you Glasgow bound who aren't as much as a creep as me should head to the Obscure Couture Label Launch Night this Friday. They featured in the last ITCOW and the stuff they sent down the catwalk was incredible. Their debut collection Flesh and Bone will be on show for you lucky punters and tickets are free.....but limited.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

on being shameless

image via weheartit

The Tatty Bon Trick or Treat Event Page is now live FYI. Now as excited as I am to curl up in my crazy aunt outfit for a Saturday of dreaming I felt that it was my job....nay my duty to keep you guys up to date with the sweet sort of stuff my work puts on.

In November Tatty Bon will start stocking Glasgow's very own Coveted Mag (hurrah) so as a way to celebrate our most favourite of holidays as well as stocking a magazine devoted to Scottish fashion we're having a Halloween Trick or Treat.

Thursday 28th October 5pm-8pm
More treats than can possibly fill all your little bellies will be out as well as free booze again (cherry lambrini anyone?) as well as a few in store treats. For purchases over 10 squid we have some goody bags with tit-bits from the store, a copy of the Coveted Mag and some other surprises, as well as the offer of 10% off all purchases over 10squid when you come in fancy dress.

For me it's really important that we reclaim spaces. When the shutters are down there is this great unused space for events, and what better time to do an in-store event than Halloween? CAN NOT WAIT.

(Also...starting to get all nervous/sick about ITCOW. It's just over a month away)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

on a whole mess of elizabeth arden goods

So I guess I'm a little bit overwhelmed and more than just a little bit pleased. I went looking for a sweet cleanser today....stopped at the Elizabeth Arden Counter and got a WHOLE mess of stuff for 43 squid. HIYAS.

Basically this Beauty Box is usually 25 squid when you spend over 50. The woman and I got talking, next thing I know......its 25 quid without having to buy anything else.....well hello deal of a lifetime.

Inside I got
  • Deluxe compact with two pull-out color palettes: Warm palette (six eyeshadows in Olive Pearl, Sand Dollar, Teak, Golden Sun, Lagoon, and Party, plus cheek colour in Sunblush and Shimmer Powder in Golden Beige Shimmer) and Cool palette (six eyeshadows in Plumsmoke, Oyster, Berry Pink, Iridescent Lilac, Beechnut, and Baby Blue, plus cheek colour in Pink Glow and Shimmer Powder in Rose Shimmer
  • Three Exceptional Lipsticks in Pink Punch, Coraline, and Autumn
  • Two High Shine Lip Glosses in Honey Glaze and Shimmer Pink
  • Lip Pencil in Taupe
  • Eye Pencil In Smoky Black
  • Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara in Black
  • Crystal Clear Lip Gloss
  • All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
  • Three makeup brushes
  • A beautiful pink keepsake container
I also got this guy for free with it
I was all kinds of excited about this.....
  • Eyeshadow Palette - Smoke,Sparkle,Moonbeam and Twilight
  • 50ml purifying cream cleanser
  • 15ml Ceramide Plump Perfect (I've used this before thanks to Lynne, it's incredible.
  • Prebage anti-aging serum
  • Mini bottle of Red Door perfume.
  • And a really awesome bag for it all. The lining inside is red. PERFECT
I got myself a lipstick primer as well for 18 squid....namely cause I use lipstick more than anything in the world SO I ended up getting more free stuff.

So yeah.....
  • Lip Fix Primer - 18 of my British
  • 8 hour cream 30ml (free)
  • 8 hour hand treatment 30ml (free)
So yeah what a haul. 43 quid and I seem to own the world.
I'll review the products as I go along....I'm actually quite excited about this. Anyway I don't know how long this deal will be on for, but I scored mine at Boots in Buchanan Galleries. I'd say it's worth getting on board with.

on pretty much really important information

It is no secret I love Wah! Nails. When I sit booking fantasy trips to London for me and the boy...inbetween going to see Wicked and Madame Tussauds (forgive me, I'm a tourist) I'm always making sure we have time for me to get my nails did. Anyway - they are now doing glittery acrylics. I find this necessary information for pretty much anyone who enjoys themselves some good nails. I have to say I do have a soft spot for a glittery nail. Very...festive.

I won't be in London any time I imagine I will booking in some time with my beloved Salon Nova for a fringe trim and a goth mani. There will be gin and Nick Cave on the radio....which makes up for the lack of glittery acrylics in my life.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

on turbans and knitwear

Jumper- 40 squid Topshop, Sheer skirt - 5 squid Topshop, Tunic (underneath)-had since the dawn of time. Wedges- 80ish...Office, Scarf worn as Turban-Flatmates,Locket-standard fair.

So thought I'd try one of these outfit posts again....namely cause I've finally worn the sheer skirt. It's been sitting in my wardrobe forever and it's nice to see it having a life and the likes. Basically I wanted to be comfortable and warm without reverting back to my crazy aunt look....although I am coming to terms with the fact that I do look a touch like a washer woman. Today was very much running from place to place, and consisted of more coffee than I'm willing to admit, but feel like we're making headway. Conducted a few interviews, cake at Brewhaha and then up to the Uni to find out that looks like the Young Entrepreneurship Fund I've been trying to set up is getting put in place. Gravy boats. I still however am finding little time for sleep with the amount of reading I'm doing.....but I think this has more to do with my penchant for sitting down and watching a box set now and then more than anything.

Anyway - excited about several things at the mo, namely tickets going on sale for ITCOW and Tatty Bon's Trick or Treat. More about both those things nearer the time....but until then there is some Options Hot Chocolate Mint with my name on it. Nomnom.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

on urban decay lipstick review

So the other day I was waxing lyrical about T.J.Hughs and this 3.99 thing they had going on with a whole mess of Urban Decay products. Now while Urban Decay are probarly better known for their Book of Shadows and other incredible eyeshadow palettes (my fave shade is shag btw) I'd never really given their lipsticks a shot. The past few days I've been wearing Buzzkill non-stop and I'm wondering what took me so long to come around to them.

The lipsticks are themselves quite heavy. They come in a purple swirly tube with a little dagger to take them out the tube. So far so good. The lipstick itself has a tiny little dagger and urban decay actually...I supposed carved in to the lipstick. It's these attentions to detail that I really enjoy, and makes the lipstick feel quite a bit posh. The lipstick itself I actually really like. It applies easy and feels very moisturising. The colour seems to hold for a while, and what I've found from the 3 shades that I've bought is that they are very wearable. They are not overly matte, but not particularly glossy either. They just look very nourishing on if a lipstick can look such a way. However it seems the perfect lipstick is still just out of reach, and if you're particularly sensitive to smell and taste you are going to hate these guys. The lipsticks kind of smell like those sweet lipsticks made of sherbet you used to get a kid, which I actually like but I can see how this can be a big bad. The taste is kind of made of death as well. It's very sharp and metallic, so watch out for what one.

Despite the taste and smell I actually love these lipsticks and find them insanely wearable. They look a lot brighter on the tubes than they go on. Buzzkill is so far y favourite, it's feminine but just muted enough not to look ridiculous. For me all have the potential to work as day to night lipsticks, so at 3.99 each it was a heavy good investment for yours truly.

They usually retail at 12.50 a pop- which I'd quite happily pay for a good lipstick. I feel like I should mention their is a 3 for 2 on selected cosmetics at the mo at Boots, so if you have a hankering for trying out these yourselves and you don't have a T.J.Hughs I'd hit that up like nothing else. The naked palette is worth a shout as well btw....most perfect collection of nude eyeshadows I've ever seen. EVER.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

on lazy sundays

Some how my weekend feels like it was really busy, but looking back on was just one big old mess of procrastination. I suppose this is what I've needed after a phase of never sleeping to get things done, I was burning myself was nice to catch a breather, which reads pretty much as watching Doctor Who on a Saturday night (if only to creep on David Tennant a little bit) and eating Tunnocks Tea Cakes. Well.....while other Paul ate Tunnocks tea cakes...something about them gives me the heave. I'm firmly placed in the corner of the Carmel wafer champions.

This pretty much means the rest of this week will be busy. I've got a couple of meetings this week, a few things to sort out with Ticket Scotland, a few emails I need to send out and a world of reading to do. That and I'm in Tatty Bon on Friday so if you want to come buy some treats (and bring me diet coke)....feel free. Chances are you'll find me either trying on half the stock or doing some uni work so if you want to save me from myself, there will be no objections.

ANYWAY....I realise I don't really post outfit posts..ever, due to a kind of rubbish camera and lack of willing victim to take my photo...but I think I've got it down. There is a ladder involved. A balancing act....and a white wall.

Jacket,Shirt and Shorts - Tatty Bon, Army Boots -24.99 from Garage, Studded Slouch Bag -4 squid in the Primark Sale, Cat Broach-charity shop

As you can see I still managed to cut out the top of my head and my boots's a learning curve. I'd been living in sweaters and jersey dresses for far too long so felt it was time to start dressing like me again. As much as I love the librarian/aunty look, it's one best reserved when I need to have about 11 pens in my hair and the outside world doesn't need to see me. So feeling like myself I sauntered in to town - picking up batteries, lucozade (for the night of reading ahead...groan) and other tit bits. All fairly unremarkable until I got to T.J.Hughs. Why? Well because they had a whole mess of Urban Decay seriously, a table of it...priced at 3.99 a pop. BOOM.
Urban Decay Lipstick in Gravity,Jilted and Buzzkill. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transforming Potion and Elizabeth Arden Gel Eyeliner with brush

Safe to say I was a little over stimulated. I had like 17 lipstick swatches on the back on my hand (I'm still gutted I couldn't find indecent or jailbait) but I'm quite pleased with that I got. Buzzkill looks like it will be the easiest to wear out the lipsticks, Gravity is a touch more purple and Jilted bright pink. The eyeshadow transforming potion which turns eyeshadow into eyeliner is something I've wanted to try for ages...and a 3.99 I couldn't resist. Also dead pleased at the Elizabeth Arden Gel looks a lot like the Smashbox one and I kind of love that it comes with a brush. 4.99 btw. Bargain of my life. Also got a cleaner for my brushes...but that's not quite as exciting....well to anyone but me. I'll review as I go along, but I feel like I've had a productive day, just hoping this will be a start to a productive week.

PS: I've never used Urban Decay lipstick before...I know they are more of an eyes company.....other than having some really exciting packaging, anyone got any experiences of them? Good? Bad? A whole lot of hell? The more you know...

Friday, 1 October 2010

on bad gal lash mascara

I've wanted Benefit's Bad Gal Lash for a while. While as a brand I find Benefit horrendously over-rated and overpriced....and 15.50 for mascara for me is a bit excessive,I found myself pleasantly surprised by Bad Gal. Not blown away....but the mascara was far better than I expected. The formula is pleasant enough. It doesn't clump and it's fairly easy to build up and doesn't create a crunchy lash, although sometimes I've found mascara under my eyes when I'm wearing it throughout the day which isn't ideal. The wand is apparently the biggest wand in the industry...which suits me just fine. I love me a good brush...and I don't know if it's the formula or the brush but it holds a curl well and creates a dramatic look after just one coat. The only hindrance is that it can be difficult to get every tiny bit of lashes with such a big brush. For the most part Bad Gal Lash feels a bit too much like style over substance. The mascara is good enough, and I do enjoy the fact it comes in plum and blue but not worth the heafty price tag. I feel there are better mascaras that do the job equally well, if not better than Bad Gal (try Maybelline's Colossal Lash, it's one of the better ones I've used.)
I'd say if you have the money it's worth a shot but I feel that my search for the perfect mascara will never end.
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