Monday, 30 August 2010

on staff photos

So last night was GWBP's first birthday celebrations, and my friend Brian Shannow was manning the vintage photo booth...with me assisting (see running to get change from the bar and holding photo frame props in place) and it was pretty much a blast. Anyway Lynne of Tatty Bon fame and I decided to get a "staff photo" for the lols....and for the shop. This was the result. Please note my beehive....the first of what I hope to be many. Anyway I've got a few photos from the night which I'll post later this week.
Come pop in and see Lynne (and sometimes me) at Tatty Bon on Parnie Street.

Granny Would be Proud returns to the Hillhead Bookclub on the 5th of September and then for the big fuck-off freshers one on the 19th.
Brian Shannow and his photo booth will be back for GWBP at the freshers fair on the if you fancy dressing up and getting a wee photo printed...prices are cheap and Brian is a doll.

(Also...for those of you who were at GWBP last night...holy eff at that owl cake btw...spoke to the girl who decorated it and it took2 fricking hours! WOW!)


  1. That's a bloody great photo! You both look rockin'.

    I shall introduce myself next time I'm in Tatty Bon xx

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    See ya ?

  3. love finding a fellow scottish blogger! your blog is immense, loving Granny Would be Proud, excited to see it all.



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