Tuesday, 24 August 2010

on jean paul gaultier and la perla collab

Considering my penchant for underwear I'm surprised that it's not something I really write about here. I definitely am one of those who's at the school of thought where if you are wearing nice well fitted underwear underneath then anything that goes on top pretty much feels amazing. However the Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration with La Perla due out in November is the sort of stuff I would not want to hide away. Pricing starts at 618 dollars.....so I guess it really is just clothes porn for me more than anything else...so let's just appreciate some beautiful handmade lingerie shall we?
via fashionlvr


  1. Exquisite, but still a far off fantasy for me too. I kind of prefer it that way. If prices started at about £100-150 I'd be way too tempted...

  2. Love them! How uniquely special would you feel wearing those under an equally special outfit?!:) your blog is great, am following and looking 4ward to your next posts, City Girl x


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