Thursday, 15 July 2010

on morticia addams

Of course I was going to write about Morticia Addams inspired nails...of course I was. I mean...look at her. Bitch is clearly my beauty icon. She rocks a strong brow, a red lip and is always lit beneath the eyes (if you are Anjelica Huston that is...) Also her nails are the best red I have seen. EVER.
Morticia inspired nails by Essie. I actually died a little bit inside.
The colours come in Blood Curdling Red, Bone Chilling White and the third is Midnight Tango. Now I've already got colours like this in my nail polish box...but I love the nails, and I love Morticia so this seems like something I could get on board with...espesh since it clocks in at round about £23 for 3 polishes. It's also worth noting that proceeds go to the actors fund.
You can get yourself some sweet Morticia nails here.


  1. great post - LOVE morticia addams :)!

  2. OH yes, I want those, and just would like to let you know that we have everyone on board for the blogger care package swap, please email me at for you particulars (name and adress) and we will match you up with a partner, thanks for participating, xoxo

  3. I want this Morticia nail set, to say I loved that film is an understatement!! Great post.:)SarahD

  4. I wanted Morticia's nails so much when I was young-and still really do!-she's so cool!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue


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