Tuesday, 13 July 2010

on a love letter to jeffrey campbell

I love Jeffrey Campbell. They make the nicest shoes in the world that aren't so completely out my price range that they remain a forever pipe dream. Jeffrey Campbell not only make the most beautiful wedges, they also do the most uh-mazing 90's chunky heeled shoes.
Why Stop Platform $165 or £110 squids
Foxy Platform (also available in caramel and black) $145 or £96
Solvang Platform $188 or £125.00

I love a chunky heel. They make me think of my beloved Chloe Sevigny. They make me think of the 90's. Also......I'm glad they are not attached to clogs, which I think are hideous no matter how you try and cut it.

In other news: Got my little badge for the Scottish Events Awards. I have till the 9th of September to put together something fantastic. May have to drop father-bear hints about birthday present in the form of 90's throwback platforms....

pics and shoes via nastygal

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