Friday, 30 April 2010

you better work

I have no idea who this girl is...but I found this picture over on the WAH! nails tumblr and I love everything about it. I mean first of all- yeah those nails are bitching. I love the simile straight lines and the colours are super sweet. But what I really love is the lips and the brow.

First lips: I'm a fan of a lip with two different colours and here it reminds me of those sherbet bags where you'd get 2 different sherbets in raspberry and orange. So yeah...colour me a fan. I think may be more inclined to a purple and pink, or black and red, but then...I'm a horrid goth.

Second: BROWS. Anyone who knows me knows I love a strong brow and I feel naked without them so a nice full dark brow is brilliant. Seriously I spent the other day watching make-up tutorials and fast-forwarding them towards the brow section. I feel that good eyebrows make a better statement than a fancy eye, plus it doesn't feel too heavy.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

once upon a time

The "once upon a time" cuff by Vicente Gracia is uhmazing. I love the animal heads...mainly the wolves in gold, silver and copper with diamond and ruby eyes. It's incredible.

"The oxidised silver adds a rustic, vintage look, while the hinged design is secure and comfortable to wear. Each of Gracia's pieces are unique and one off."

Available at Selfridges is you got a spare £7,560 to drop.

Monday, 26 April 2010

i suppose this is old hat...but i can't get you out my head

Alber Elbaz: artist director of Lanvin. Apparently this man can see into my very soul - because the Lanvin A/W collection is fucking amazing

Of course maybe I'm just saying this because the models themselves look so striking...sent down the catwalk in black wigs with blunt fringes, dark eyes and pale lips. Elbaz - a man who loves the individuality of the women was curious to see how the girls would look the same in a time when people are going for "the same lips, the same dress". I think it looks fantastic and I feel that here the uniform dark hair and dark eyes only serves better to showcase his designs.

There is a lot of angles in this collection , especially in the shoulders which sort of echoes the idea of power dressing.....and there is A LOT of black, which suprise suprise I'm okay with. In an interview with Dazed Digital Elbaz spoke of how for A/W he decided to use a lot of streach fabric and was "scared the clothes would be too architectural and I don't want women wearing houses." The big shoulders were made with a build up of fabric opposed to the more traditional method of shoulder pads.

The collection is taking influence from the idea of African Winter in a hyper-fantasy version of what African Winter would be like. From there we see a strong tribal theme coming through and the garments are moe constructed than draped working with primary cuts. Elbaz spoke of how the look needed to be relevant for today in a society that is "strong, sometimes agressive and moving forward really fast" - which is evident from his entire collection. There is throughout the collection statement jewellery, mettalic dresses and feathers.

What I like about the collection (other than black being the dominant colour obvs) is the feathers. The way it moves, it just looks very decadent. He has taken tribal and made it very glamourous in a collection which is domimated by day wear. The girls looks amazing and everything looks very strong and tough...though the feathers seem to definitley give it more of a feminine edge. Continuing the theme...I'm over Spring...I am SO ready for Winter.

i'm caught in the symmetry of your mind

My wardrobe tends to have a lot of black.
This isn't a bad thing, more of a statement of fact. I find in shops I will always always always go for it in black first, and if I'm in a shop and I don't see the design in black...well fuck, I will ask the nearest person with a nametag..."You got this in black?"

I am trying to branch out of the habit though....a little red, a little gold, a little khaki but I'm fucking bored with spring. I'm ready for the shops to stock anything in black so I can go down the street and not want to heave at all those fucking "I <3 Paris tops"
So Belle Sauvage. It's A/W collection pretty much restores my faith in humanity.

Virginia Ferreria and Christian Neuman are the powerhouses behind the label, and I love it. It suits me as the colour palette is dominated by black...but brings in flashes of colour in purples, blues, green and orange. It's got a feel of being futuristic, but more so...what the people 50 years ago thought the future would be like. It's very geometric and symmetrical...which is no suprise when you find out the collection was inspired by one of my favourites H.R.Giger.

When I first saw the collection the most obvious influence after Giger for me was the 1920's film "the cabinet of dr. caligari"-considered one of the most influential of the German expressionist films. This is further backed up on Belle Sauvage's site with "industrial imagery found in German expressionisim especially in early 1920's films." If you haven't seen Dr.Ciligari I suggest you do - not only cause it's free and in the public domain but the imagery within the film is striking with sharp angular lines which we see being transfered through in this collection.

From the influences you can see why Neuman has decided to combine heavy machinery and classic futuristic drawings within his prints. The prints have a sci-fi vibe reminisent of "Metropolis" and draw the eye in with the symmetry of the garments.

Ferreria's use of colour is fantastic and although black does dominate the look I feel this may just be the kick up the backside I need to bring more colour into my wardrobe. The purple, greeen and yes even the orange feel okay with me..while before the idea of wearing orange would have sent me running. The way the clothes on the site are desribed is just enough to make my heart melt; "hard structured leather meets soft silk chiffon, crepe and jersey." I AM IN LOVE.

I love the angles, I love how long the bodies look and I love the prints....but then considering their inspiration it's no suprise that I'm a little bit in lust with the collection.

For more of the fantastic Belle Sauvage A/W collecton you can find pics, info and the rest on the site. I must say though...the catwalk music the have on in the background is tres creepy. In the best way possible.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

whips & chains

Let's talk chain mail. My previous most flirted with the idea of chain mail...and I know it's old hat but I can't get it out of my head.

The chain mail skirt from metal & thread on etsy for example. JUST WOW. Now I know it's not gold so a little part of me is weeping inside....but a bigger part, the part of me that loves chains, leather and nails is weeping at how brilliant this is. It's just very.....pretty. Can I say that? I suppose at $6,995 it should at least be "pretty." I am convinced I should be able to recreate this, or at least an approximation of this for under £20.

Of course I shouldn't be that surprised considering everything I seem to be in love with at the moment wouldn't be out of place in a Nine Inch Nails Video......not a bad thing.

Now for pretty pretty chain mail I can always have a wee gander over at Unizicker Design.

Well first of all it's gold. And the chain mail mesh effect is to die for. I love the shape and the angles. It manages to be feminine while working with classically unfeminine traits (angles,mesh....oh yes.) So I'm very very fond of this.
While this piece is a bit more unusual her more classical chain mail pieces of bracelets and necklaces are to really sweet and her broaches really have a medal quality to them.

Anyway point: chain mail - good.


Rob Goodwin's MA collection is fucking spectacular.
That's all you need to know...and know what I could leave it at that and spam this post filled with his collection...but it's just tooooooo good.

I mean it sure helps that the photography on his site is nothing short of stunning but I'm always partial to someone who takes something a bit diy....a bit fugly and turns it out something fucking fantastic.

Goodwin's collection comprises of handcrafted leather headwear and shoes adorned with nails and chain mail. From working in tv, he's taken concepts that are more traditionally "costumey" and made them more "fashiony."

“I wanted to combine the costumes and mask making traditions of both the Venice Carnival and of the Congo to create something unique, modern and original.”

And while I definitely get a Venetian vibe from the whole collection I'm seeing heavy medieval influences, chain mail evoking images of knights, king arthur and robin hood...which I feel is more emphasised by some of the headgear.

While I'm not overly crazy about the coned headgear-it reminds me a bit of a bra, and maybe I just don't get it but the shoes...the chain mail veil across the face,t he leather masks that look like birds, almost texas chainsaw if he did pretty.....all very very good.

Now I'm not going to lie, these boots would usually give me the heave.....they look like my mum's idea of a "sensible shoe" but the fact that heel goes in and that its covered in nails.....not only is it the shoes saving grace but it makes them kind of brilliant.

You can see more pictures of Mr Goodwin's MA collection over at the uh-mazing F-Tape under Roar Talent. I guess that means its fresh or something but fuck.....I'm just looking at those nails and thinking...dear God yes.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

show us your teeth

Know what I like? Good teeth. Know what else I like? Good jewellery. So Polly Van der Glas' collection of silver jewellery made with human teeth and human hair...well it's pretty much my cup of tea. I know the first reaction is usually of the queasy variety but all the molars etc are locally sourced and sterilised, so I don't really see it as any worse than leather or silk. I'm sure the gross factor will prob put a few people off, but I find her pieces more curious than disgusting, and she's taken something that is usually seen as fairly macabre and made is beautiful.

The collection which is teeth,hair and silver is the first wearable range of jewellery from Van der Glas and is all handmade which kind of makes it all the more special.

My favourite piece is the sterling silver human tooth ring....'s pretty special. I have an affinity for big rings...and while I'm more prone to anything with gold and studs...silver and teeth may be what converts me over to the silver side.

Found out about the killer designer thanks to an uhmazing blogpost on pavement frippery. SO GOOD.

Friday, 23 April 2010

sting in your tail

Ah yes....the Butler & Wilson Red Crystal Scorpion. Now I'm not going to pretend I'm mad crazy for broaches or anything, but me, I'm quite partial to anything novel shaped like an animal. I mean I nearly died a death when I got my golden lizard broach (not unlike this..but primani obvs) the other when SparkleCandy set up their pop-up shop at multi-media event ITCOW that I was working on, I nearly died.
I'm crazy for a good piece of jewellery so this red crystal broach just really set me off. Butler & Wilson make some of the nicest broaches I ever did see (my personal favourites being the purple cross and the evil eye) but the scorpion is just amazing. Anyone who saw the sparklecandy stall at ITCOW has gushed to me about this piece, and they are right, it's kind of something special.
And you know what's better? It's in SparkleCandy's springsale...down from £68 to £34. I cannot say I'm not tempted to live off pasta for a week and buy this (spesh since I still have my 20% off code from the event!)

We'll see how things go at the Panopticon Sale tommorow.

First Post-NAILS

Over at Stop It Right Now they have some uh-mazing nails on show - in the form of these Chanel logo drippy nail, which I found via a blog Not Tonight Darling, I'm Washing my Hair. Now I love a good bit of nailart.....I spend half my life on Wah! Nails tumblr wishing I had their talent. The most I can manage at the mo is dots...and maybe the top of my nails But I digress. These nails...oh baby. Where to start? They remind me of the Cramps font, with the letters dripping and I think it looks FANTASTIC.
To quote SIRN "the base is Calgel colour SW and the drip is Calgel Black" - the blogger handpainted the chanel logo...but you know, I could give or take it.
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