Monday, 11 September 2017

Bee Waits Travels: Eat Japan

I'm convinced it's nigh impossible to have a bad meal in Japan. And while I may be looking back on my time there with some heavily rose-tinted glasses, the food there is the one thing I remember pretty clearly. Somethings just have an impact. And Japan fucking loves food. It doesn't matter what itch you're hoping to scratch - from steaming bowls of fat flavorsome ramen to the most delicately prepared sushi, cream filled pastries to hipster burger joints, Japan has it. And arguably, does a great deal of it better than anywhere else in the world.
As I said. Japan fucking loves food.


Friday, 1 September 2017

Managing and maintaining bright coloured hair

"Your hair's so bright! How do you keep it so.....yellow?" It's a question I'm asked on a near weekly basis, and while the shorthand answer is awkward laughter followed by "Oh I barely wash it" (half true) the truth of the matter is that it's slightly more complicated than that. And by complicated I mean that having any fashion colour takes work. And money.  If you're looking to go a bright or a pastel the ugly truth of it is that it takes time and dollar dollar bills to keep your hair healthy and looking it's fine/fresh/fiercest.


Saturday, 26 August 2017

Why the Madonna/Whore is Bullshit

Growing up, there's always that one guy at the party. We've all heard him. He sits there and just proclaims how much he just fucking loves eating pussy.

Well, first of all – good for you I guess? Second – is this some kind of fucking bizzaro world sales pitch (in which case, nothnxbai) and third, what the fuck do you want? A medal? A gold star? A slow but steady round of applause? I am ALL for sincerity and enthusiasm (in fact I actively encourage it. Is there anything sexier than someone who's excited to fuck you?) HOWEVER it comes down to how we get to talk about sex in a public space and the disparity in genders in how we do it.
A women talks about how much she loves sucking dick/fucking at the same party. Well, the guy who talks about how much he loves eating women out comes across as a twat, but the women? Well she's just a big old slut.


Thursday, 24 August 2017

A return to hotel dining with Malmaison

Hotel dining can often get the short shrift. Especially when you're in a city like Glasgow that has a near constant rotation of new restaurant openings.  And I get it. Outside of The Big Smoke, if you've not got a room, it can feel jarring and damn right unnatural to just pop in to a hotel for a quick drink, let alone dinner.  And then there's Malmaison. Dog friendly and with a killer bar - and then they go and launch their Summer ice cream menu. What's not to love right?


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Yellow is the new black

"I'll wear anything as long as it's black." That was my excuse for years. A safety net that morphed my wardrobe in to a giant bruise. Which is fine. Bruise is a strong look - but over time it left me feeling a little uninspired. We all have our safety nets and our comfort zones and my approach to fashion had become formulaic. At lot of it had to do with my mood and how I felt - awkward, unsexy, frantic - and as a result everything was boxed and hidden and frayed at the edges. Like my mind.
**not jk

It wasn't a conscious thing though but suddenly I started falling in love. With everything again. I'm a god damn culture sponge and when I'm in to something I'm in to it. Books, comics, movies, music - I was consuming everything and anything and just completely obsessed with just life. And of course there was fashion. Silly, sexy, irreverent fashion.

I'm not saying fashion is daft (though fuck it, I will over intellectualise the shit out of anything given have the chance) but my approach to it loosened up. Sure there was minimalist fashion angel who wants me to be this effortlessly chic girl that's rolled out of Cos, but there's that other fashion angel on my shoulder who seems to made up of this weird Dolly Parton/Tyra Banks hybrid by way of Courtney Love who's approach is much more fuck it. "Darling have fun with it."


Saturday, 19 August 2017

Natural Cycles: A New Type of Contreceptive

I've been using oral contraceptives for as long as I've been having sex. Which means, in short, that I hadn't had a natural period for over 10 years. Even through long periods of singledom I'd use my pill as a handy back up (please don't do this) as a way to control my period by doubling up if I had a holiday (please don't do this either) but for the most part out of habit.


Monday, 14 August 2017

Fuck It Fashion: Ruffles and Perspex

Fashion rules are arbitrary at best. They can serve as a guide line sure - but I like to think of them as more suggestions that hard fast lessons to live your sartorial life by. Case in point - wearing things that flatter your body shape. However, if you tell me there is something I should 10/10 avoid and NOT wear, I'm going to try and find a way to integrate it in to my day to day. And this week it's ruffles. Ruffles that by all accounts pay more than a passing tribute to Liberace and 80's pop stars. Ruffles, that if you're not rocking a fashion titty are going to look awkward, add unnecessary volume and generally be notoriously difficult to work with. Ruffles, the diva of this seasons fashion trends. Fuck it guys, I love ruffles.

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