Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bags all the way down

The clocks are officially back now which means only one thing. It's time to dust out the old Winter wardrobe. The tricky thing is, with well worn favourites, you can run the risk of a feeling of apathy. How can you be excited about things you've worn year in,  year out, whenever the thermostat starts to takes a nose dive?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Permanant Bargain Hunting

There's a real cult of bargain hunting among me and my friends. A constant game of one upmanship if you will. It's never been about who has the latest designer bag or the it shoe of the season. Instead it's that need to get the best deal. Get your coat half price? Well I got mine for £3 at a car boot after bartering down from £10, and so on and so forth. It's the kind of shopping that would make my Granny proud.

So this is where I tell you how much my jumpsuit cost. Go on, chance a guess. I'll wait.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Favourite Things: Pretty much everything you need to know about right now

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, these are a few of my favourite things. It's been a pretty long week however there is so much to look forward to in the coming months. Other than Halloween, fireworks night and Christmas (sorry) there's a whole host of goings on that you'll be wanting to be hit up this season.  Until then here's a round up of wonderful things from around the web as well as some key dates for your diaries. Get it in there!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Lazy Girls Halloween Costume Guide

It's nearly a week away and it's time crack out the Halloween costumes. You could buy an overpriced ready made outfit from one of those pop up halloween costume shops that shows up every year, "Pirate Captain" anyone? Seriously though you don't have to spend a ton or really have to be super crafty to pull together a kick ass Halloween look. All you need is your own wardrobe and some creative accessioning, here's my lazy girls guide to Halloween.

Mary Poppins

Who: The quintessential English Nanny who is practically perfect in every way.

What you'll need: A good button down shirt with a long black skirt and you're already half way there. Pair with some pointed lace up boots and a bag that looks like it is 100% bigger on the inside.
Finishing touches: A bowler hat with some flowers from the poundshop and a wee spot of red ribbon are all you need to complete this look. Parrot umbrella optional but preferred (yes, I'm still hunting one down.) 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Snake skin and kitty cats

Turns out I have quite the thing for novelty cat bags. While this will be a surprise to absolutely no one, most would think one cat clutch would be enough. They'd be wrong. When I first clocked this furry little beast online a few months ago I knew it had to be mine. His furry little tale, his grumpy wee face - this little New Look number was my must have bag for Winter.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Tutus and Tartan

It's officially sale season which is the worst possible news for my bank account.  While I've been on a massive wardrobe purge recently and trying to do this whole buying better thing, it can sometimes tricky to get over that wardrobe fatigue. It gets to the point where you feel you've worn everything you love to death (not untrue, everything here has made an appearance on here at least once) and sometimes a wee timed purchase can revitalise your wardrobe and make you love everything again. Remember my 3 ways to wear rule?

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Abandon Ship's got True Guts

There's no cure, an estimated 250,000 people in the U.K have it and it's not something many people like to talk about. Crohn's disease is a chronic irritable bowel disease with a list of super fun symptoms like the worst cramps imaginable, fatigue, bloody diarrhea and can lead to death.  Sufferers (because yeah, it's hardly a walk in the park is it) find themselves in and out of hospital at the mercy of their body. And the treatments available? Colostomy bags, steroids, bowel removal and keeping a strict control of their diet.   In a word, Crohn's fucking sucks.

Abandon Ship Apparel are raising money for Crohn's and Colitis U.K with their "True Guts" and "Fuck Crohn's" tees. This isn't the first time they've supported the charity either with a previous "True Guts" line.  With more people developing the disease (it usually sets on between 16-30) they are donating all their profits to the charity that specialises in informing, support and research.