Thursday, 18 May 2017

Time to Try Chaophraya

It's all very big. Which shouldn't come as much surprise. Popular Thai chain Chaophraya cater in creating dramatic destination dining across Europe and the former Royal Academy of Music and Drama has been their home since they came to Glasgow. Retaining many of the original features (expect famous composers busts adorning the wall as you make your way around the impressive venue) next to giant gold brushed Buddhas, a trip to Chaophraya at the very least is worth it for the interiors alone. That said, with an extensive cocktail menu and a rich and varied menu, there's a few other solid reasons to pay them a visit. A slight disclaimer: Come Hungry.


Saturday, 13 May 2017

I Don't Think You're Ready for These Jellies

Sun Jellies live in that beautiful grey area where you're not quite sure if it's some elaborate kitchy home wear or a handbag. The easy answer is of course, both. The vintage inspired bags, made entirely of recycled plastic read as a bit of a love letter to mid-century retroism crossed with some old school 90s nostalgia. So, I guess we're ticking a lot of boxes from the get go right?  And what better way to celebrate new styles, new colours, and bad ass business bitches that with an afternoon tea with some of your favourite people?  Coupling cake with colour therapy (and a killer collaboration with my beloved Karen Mabon) is the perfect pick me up and if there's a finer way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Glasgow, well I'm yet to hear it.


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Capital C Changes - New Flat Times

Here's the abridged version. The last few months have been nothing if not transformative. It's been devastating, and fulfilling, with a big old dash of fear and hope and all the emotional whiplash you can expect from any Big Change. Like capital C Change.  In short - I started a new job, my husband and I parted ways and uh, I moved out the flat I've lived in for 10 years to a flat share with some complete strangers. I did however keep the cat. So y'know, there's that.


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Good Vibes Only: Adventures in Female Matrubation

Go fuck yourself. No seriously. It's good for your health (yes seriously) it can reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes type 2 (yes really) and knocking one (or, two or three, delete as aprop) is basically going to sort out some of that stress. Cheaper than a massage. And a lot more fun.


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Great British Chippie with Six By Nico

I don't think I've seen my news feed so excited about a restaurant launch, since, well, ever. But then, a restaurant that changes every six weeks with menus inspired by places and memories? Who can blame them? Six By Nico goes all out with the nostalgia vibes for their inaugural menu launch "The Chippie." How can you not be totally hyped by something like that? So of course I booked in. Really, how could I not? I would get to eat everything on the menu (taking away the whole dining paralysis when everything looks good) and I'd be getting a full story told through food.

Sunday night and Six By Nico is heaving. It's a small restaurant for sure, but for late on a Sunday night they were packed. The vibe is relaxed, clean and minimal with the exception of the large neon VI and the screen above the restaurant, showing a live-stream birds eye view of the kitchen plating up which is a nice and unexpected tough. Story really is king here.


Monday, 3 April 2017

Long Live The BFF

I'm a hopeless romantic. Not in the classic sense of the word, or indeed in the modern now that I come to think about it. Less cut out hearts and love songs more about hope and trust and laughter.
And tears. And screaming matches. Goofy faces. Sitting in with take out. Clasped hands, sore feet and walking home long after the sun has came up. The kind of relationships that leave you feeling completely and utterly full. There is this expectation though that all of this comes from one person. Confidante, lover, colleague, collaborator, partner in crime – no one person can tick all these boxes, at least not all of the time. It's why romance is dead, at least in the traditional sense. Forget your Mills and Boon and Nicholas Sparks. I'm here for the BFF.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Gin Inspired Dining with Gin71

The gin bubble isn't showing any signs of popping any time soon, so the arrival of a Gin71 in my local merchant city was a pleasant addition to the areas burgeoning restaurant and bar scene.  Tucked neatly away down Virginia Court, this intimate restaurant reads as a love letter to all things gin - from their extensive cocktail list to their carefully crafted food menu.

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