Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Retro Kitsch Vs Metalic Glamour

New Year has always been a time of renewal, of stripping things back and looking for a fresh perspective. But just because the party season is over doesn't mean it's time to hang up  the sequin and glitter. The mega babes at BLOW certainly aren't.  Always at the forefront of counter-culture and forecasting the next big trends in haircare, BLOW refuse to go quietly in to the good night, kicking off the year with some of the hottest trends in style and colour for the year ahead.   They've always dabbled in extremes, rejecting classics and traditional "good taste" and instead diving in to a world of high fantasy. High risk, high return right?   From dreamy rainbow melts and retro flicks to big, bouncy metallic blow outs, we see the Glasgow salon hit us up with retro kitsch vs metallic glamour.  And damn it, if it isn't exactly what we fucking need right now.


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Seasonal Self Care

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Or so we keep telling ourselves. And it can be. I mean, what's not to love about cheese and wine and too much of both, right? Except the idea that you're supposed to be having a good time because "Christmas" and this makes you not having a good time feel all the worse. It's like one big magnifying glass for all your insecurities lasering in on any loneliness, self doubt or general existential angst making for a really sexy and fun depressive episode. And what's the holiday season without it?

I get that a guide to self care can seem condescending (like, bitch, I know I need to wash my hair okay?) but writing one is as much an act of it for me as anything else. So this holiday season - and y'know - life in general it's time to look at a few ways to look after your god damn self.


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Karen Mabon: On a clear day you can see forever

Like all great love affairs, mine with Karen Mabon started with an obsession. One that over the years hasn't been for letting up. While Mabon's sleepwear is due to drop this week, her A/W collection is now available and it's done nothing but feed my fanatic love for the brand. "On a clear day you can see forever" has all the signature flourishes of Mabon's work; bright colours, playful imagery and designs that are a treasure trove of hidden detail. It's a regular pic n mix of surreal stories to captured moments. The ordinary made extraordinary and everything in between. It is unequivocally gorgeous.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Double Dressing

So looks like dresses over trousers is a thing again. I guess part of me thought that scousers (that sexy and fun combination of skirt and trousers) was left firmly in the past at primary school discos, but here we are, and y'know what? I am all in. I'm all about wardrobe versatility and layering, and having a wrap dress that doubles as a dust coat? Well, that's just smart shopping.


Monday, 15 August 2016

Too Faced: Totally Cute

I have a palette problem. There is nothing I love more than playing about with eyeshadow. I've built up quite the collection of nudes and smokes so it was time to dive in with something completely different. The Totally Cute palette from Too Faced is so far removed from what I use on a day to day basis but every time I passed it I found myself swatching Storm Cloud and swooning. Hard.The seeds were well and truly planted and before I knew it, this little beauty was in my shopping basket. And I wasn't entirely quite sure how I was going to use half the colours. I mean - how do you use a bright pink without looking like you've got pink eye?


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Isolated Heroes: What Happens In Vegas

Think of it as Dolly Parton by way of Liberace with a healthy dose of Alabama Worley. Even then, you're only scratching the surface on the inspiration behind Isolated Heroes latest collection "Nevada."  The award wining designer who's brought us cyber space Barbie's to high fantasy bride's is going out West with a combo of Glam Rock and Casino Chic. It's high trash at its finest.  While designer Samantha Patton is a bit of an internet darling (the queen of sequins counting Miley Cyrus among her fan base) she's bringing her latest collection to Southblock for her first pop up in Glasgow. Hot damn.


Friday, 12 August 2016

Shop My Wardrobe with the Scottish Blogger Shop

I'm a chronic hoarder. Like utterly awful. Despite many wardrobe purges (utterly ruthless wardrobe purges) I've still clung on to them in the form of suitcases in the spare room. Suitcases. Plural. I've been telling myself I'll Depop them or put them on eBay but there's only so long you can lie to yourself y'know? So taking inspiration from our sisters in the South, me and some of my fave blogger babes are hosting the first ever Scottish Blogger Shop! If you're half as nosey as I am it's the perfect opportunity to snoop and snag some of Scotland's top bloggers wardrobes. From indie goodies to some high end designer bargains there should be something for everything. My only concern? That 'm going to come back with more than I take! WHELP!

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